Welcome to PacStream

PacStream was founded in 1997 as a service to help booksellers and publishers achieve efficiencies in their supply chain at an affordable cost.

Today PacStream is synonymous with electronic ordering for the book trade.

PacStream allows retailers to send orders electronically to their suppliers and receive back acknowledgements and invoices.

Bookshops benefit with faster turnaround time; increased order accuracy; less time printing and faxing; order reports via electronic acknowledgements and faster receiving using electronic invoices.

Suppliers benefit from savings in data entry costs; a single point of contact for EDI requirements; books on bookshop shelves quicker due to improved supply chain and EDI messages can be provided in their system's native format.

The PacStream service is brought to you by B2BE.

Latest News

PacStream Data Centre Move
B2BE will be relocating the PacStream environment from its current Data Centre to the B2BE Auckland Data Centre. The date of the relocation will be Saturday 10th May 2014. The time and duration of the outage will be notified in the near future. If you initiate connectivity to B2BE using an IP address you will need to change this to the new IP address. If you have firewall security in place restricting inbound/outbound access you will need to allow access to the new IP address. These new addresses will be sent direct to PacStream customers. If you have any questions please contact the B2BE Helpdesk [link to ]
Taylor & Francis EDI Capable
PacStream and Taylor & Francis are pleased to announce that Taylor & Francis are now fully EDI capable for purchase orders, POAs and e-invoices via PacStream. If you are a current PacStream user just load Taylor & Francis SAN 90322558 into Taylor & Francis please change to this new SAN to ensure your orders are sent as efficiently as possible. Orders will be processed via PacStream from the 1st April.